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  • Founded in 1961, Monopanel is one of the pioneering companies who profiled steel elements for construction uses. Its historical know-how has been recognized by construction professionals for years as well as the quality of its products.
  • In 2007, the acquisition of Monopanel by Tata Steel, one of the world’s leading steelmakers and essential leader in the building envelope, allows Monopanel to strenghten its activity and expertise.
  • The year 2022 marks a new turning point for Monopanel, which pursues its history with Bremhove SA, an industrial holding company headed by Enzo & Joris Ide. The same year, Monopanel integrated a third production site in Cerizay (dpt 79), in addition to the sites of Chauny (dpt 02) and Valence (dpt 26)..


We want to be inspired by a future whose contours will constantly is to be defined, but whose values we are already measuring. We want to try to design sandwich panels and profiles with respect for ethical progress, without depriving them of the aesthetic and technical balance that composes them.
To do this, we are working on a better transparency and a more responsible management of our supply chain ; we are developing ecological and ever more efficient materials, as well as coatings with exceptional durability.

« Architecture is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, there persists an infinite poetry that we want to continue writing ».


  • Ensure the tranquility of our customers with competent teams, attentive, guaranteeing a qualitative and responsive service..
  • Develop relationships of collaboration and trust that promote the success of our partners..
  • Innovate and create the solutions of tomorrow, both in terms of durability, recyclability, performance and adaptation to the environements and specific constraints of each activity.

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